June 30, 2006

Only in Poland.

This is a story I read about in "The Week" Magazine. Let's all get on a plane and go to Poland! Who’s with me??? “Answered prayers, after a Polish lake became 30 percent vodka following a leak at a distillery. As locals stampeded to collect pails of the lake water, one 71-year-old woman commented, "If God doesn't help, everyone will be a drunkard with only a hole where the lake was."

June 13, 2006

The Day I Got My First Blog

Ok so I may be the last one to the blogging scene but that’s ok. I’ve sat by and cautiously watched my friends and family take the plunge and really let it all hang out there and now I too want to strip off the clothes of writing oppression and streak through the wonderful and vast world of blogging. And I plan to use this little soapbox of mine to tell the world about all the things that, quite frankly, I should be telling a therapist. This little blog is going to be my little red couch and you; dear friends, can be my therapists. Until our next session….